10 Secrets to a Great Family Getaway

By Nicole Bem

When you’re planning your next family trip, consider renting a vacation home.  Keep it local and travel to Israel’s north for a family experience everyone will love. As experienced travelers, we prefer to stay in vacation homes when going away. We enjoy this type of vacation so much, we’ve created a family getaway in Tzfat. Here’s 10 reasons why you’ll all love your time away at Villa Tiferet.
1.Feel at home
Unlike a hotel room, a vacation home offers space for everyone. Villa Tiferet’s kosher kitchen is modern, large and fully equipped. If you have some work to catch up on, there’s an office area with a printer and screen. There’s also a washer/dryer, portacrib and high chair. (Just like at home!)

2.Save money
Stay in a luxurious place for less than the cost of a hotel. When you’re a group of six or more, it’s actually less expensive to stay in a vacation home than pay for several hotel rooms. And think of the extra money you’ll save by not eating out all the time.

 3.Be pampered like royalty
Domed ceilings, a ruby-red chandelier and a dining table to seat 16; a splashing fountain in a courtyard surrounded by Moroccan pillows; and a living room with a fireplace and cozy couches. At Villa Tiferet you will feel like a king in a castle. For those who love to cook, the gourmet kosher kitchen is fully equipped to create a lavish banquet.

4.Quiet seclusion
Family-style hotels are not quiet places, but Villa Tiferet is. (No need to worry about other people’s babies crying all night or being kept up by rowdy hotel guests.) When you stay in a vacation home, the place is exclusively yours. At Villa Tiferet, serenity is the key word. Relax in the courtyard, watch a sunset from the rooftop, or sit around the table and play board games with the family.

5.Private family time
In a hotel, large families are often split up into separate hotel rooms and meals are shared alongside other guests. It can be isolating, noisy and distracting. Staying in a home such as Villa Tiferet, you will be together in a quiet, private setting.

6.Celebrate Shabbat with kedusha
Daven in one of the ancient synagogues in the Old City. On your way back, listen for zemirot echoing in the cobbled streets. Shabbat in Tzfat is an uplifting, festive treat. And Villa Tiferet makes it easy, providing you with an urn, hot plate, candles, kiddush cup, bentchers and all you need for havdalah. On Shabbat day, there are games and books for the kids to enjoy while you stretch out across the courtyard pillows for that well-deserved afternoon nap.

7.Explore Israel’s north
Explore our beautiful country and make Villa Tiferet your base for the north. Ideal for families, Tzfat is near hiking trails, horseback riding, swimming in the Kinneret and much more. And we’re happy to help you plan your family vacation.

8.Go local
When you’re away, you can only fully experience life in a new place when you live like a local. Shop where the locals go, including the colorful farmer’s market that’s held on Wednesdays, then enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal with your family.

9.Fun for the kids
When you stay at a hotel, parents are often compelled to keep children occupied and quiet. At Villa Tiferet, there are board games, puzzles, children’s DVDs, books and Xbox games to keep them entertained. They can also play outside in the courtyard or swing in the hammock on the large fenced roof. Since you have the place to yourself…let the kids have fun!

10.Space for everyone to relax
If your kids are older, they’ll want time to themselves. Villa Tiferet is large, with many rooms and cozy reading nooks to curl up in as well as a quiet rooftop for chilling and star gazing. Everyone will find their own place, yet be together.

Now that you know the secrets to a great family getaway, plan one!

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