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We can paint walls to look like marble, suede, leather, etc.


Reader Questions:

Do you help clients choose faux finishes and colors?

Submitted by Aliza from Bet Shemesh

 First, let’s define faux finishes. Faux means false and is used to describe an imitation of something. For example, we can paint walls to look like marble, suede, leather, etc. We are not putting actual marble on the wall, so in that sense it is false, but the paint will imitate the look of marble.

As far as helping to choose, of course we do. We offer help in several ways. For clients who are unfamiliar with the multiple options available, I meet with them at my supplier’s showroom in Talpiot, Jerusalem. There they can see the many different types of samples of options that are available and get an idea of what they would like in their own home. I also show clients photos of jobs that we have done to give additional  ideas. For example, it is possible to add stripes, circles and stencils. All these use regular paint and will make a room really special. For customers that need a lot of help in making decisions, we recommend interior designers who can offer a consultation and give ideas. Finally, if a client has a hard time choosing a color from the samples in the color books we supply, we can actually paint some sample colors on the walls a few days before we begin the work and give the client a chance to decide. Ultimately, the decision is the clients’ as it is their home and they will be the ones living in it. So it should meet their taste and not ours.


Do you hang wallpaper?

Submitted by Meira from Jerusalem

No, we do not hang wallpaper. Generally, wallpaper is not the best choice for your walls here in Israel. With the type of construction here, wallpaper can easily become water damaged and suffer from problems with condensation and mold. On numerous occasions, we have removed wallpaper to find mold between the paper and the wall.

It is still possible to get the look and feel of wall paper with faux finishes. In fact, I have observed people looking for the seams and feeling the walls thinking they were looking at wallpaper. Faux finishes are usually applied plasters which are a lot easier to repair than replacing and patching wallpaper, if there is damage. Faux finishes come in both smooth and textured finishes. Although it is common to paint a faux finish in an entire salon or staircase, we also often do a single accent wall in a bedroom to give it a special look.

We are planning on replacing the doors in our home and would also like to paint the entire apartment. Should we replace the doors first or paint first?

Submitted by Shalom from Jerusalem

It really can go either way. If you have the doors replaced first, any damage caused by us would be repaired as part of our preparation work before painting. If you replace the doors after painting, it is possible that there will be some damage to the paint from removing the old door frames. It is for this reason that we always leave a jar with spare paint clearly labeled by room so that we can come and fix any damage that may have been caused. In addition, we keep records of all colors used, so even if the jar of paint disappears or is insufficient, we can always get more and fix any damage caused as a result of replacing doors or any other damage that needs to be repaired.


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