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A Week in the Life of an Insurance Agent

Problem/Challenge #1: Sunday

A young driver, who is insured with us, was involved in an accident with another vehicle. The second driver, who was slightly injured, had no insurance. To make matters even more complex, the T-junction where this took place has no traffic sign at all.

To do: Arrange insurance assessors, discuss the status of an “unmarked” junction with a traffic court lawyer, and advise our young client what to tell the police.

Problem/Challenge #2:  Sunday afternoon

A complex travel insurance claim arises of over $80,000 in the United States. Turns out that if the client himself pays the hospital, the bill is only $13,000, whereas if the insurance company is billed – it’s $80,000!

To do: Arrange for the insurance company to deposit the $13,000 into our client’s account to enable her to pay the hospital, thus saving the insurance company $67,000!!

Problem/Challenge #3: Monday

Met with a retired couple who have just made Aliyah. We go over their U.S. savings and pension plans and then try and build a reasonable plan for life in Israel: supplementary health insurance, nursing care, travel insurance and cover for their new home.

To do: Send a welcome package with our New Oleh Guide and plan a follow-up meeting.

Problem/Challenge #4: Tuesday

Our client had an accident with a commercial van. The van struck his car while he was parked!

Sounds simple, but no! The third party refused to pay and claimed that our client had reversed into him! We were eventually forced to sue in small claims court. Today is the day.

To do: We accompany our client to the court — translate and explain where necessary, and generally “hold our client’s hand”.

The result: The judge throws out the “reverse” claim and awards full payment to our client. We celebrate with coffee!

Problem/Challenge #5: Wednesday

How about this for a question? Our client who has a major medical problem applied for life insurance. He submitted all medical information and most recent results. We were sure that he would be either rejected or heavily loaded (charged more). The policy came back without any conditions and normal rates. Are we liable to point out to the insurance company that “someone made a mistake”?

To do: We asked the Rav to whom we submit all our business–related questions. His reply? If our client submitted everything and did not hide any information, we can rely on the insurance company’s decision. Interesting!

Problem/Challenge #6: late Wednesday night

I receive a call on my cellphone from a “desperate” mom in America. Her daughter is insured through us at one of the seminaries in Jerusalem. Apparently she hasn’t been feeling well for a few days and her mother is distraught.

To do: Call the madricha at the seminary to check if she’s been to the doctor. (She has!) The doctor recommended a medicine, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Arrange to set up a gastroenterologist consultation as soon as possible. Get back to mother and calm her down.

Problem/Challenge #7: At the Shabbos table

Try and convince my family that insurance is exciting, rewarding, challenging — a real way to help others!

To do: Tell over some of these stories!

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