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What Can You Expect When Your Home Is Being Painted?

We have heard many horror stories from our customers regarding their prior experiences with painters. There were stories of painters leaving in middle of the job, getting paint on furniture, breaking things, leaving a huge mess, eating food out of the customer’s refrigerator and simply not coming prepared with the tools they need to do the job.

So what can you expect when Walls R Us Painting comes to your home?

First, the number of days it will take to complete the job will be clearly defined before we begin. If we say three days, it’s three days and no longer. Do we ever run into problems? We have had situations where some of the prep work took longer than expected, but that leaves us with a longer day, never an extra day. Rainy days can be problematic as it takes longer for the spackle and paint to dry. Fortunately, our staff is very responsible and professional and we do whatever it takes to finish the day’s work, leaving your home clean and organized at the end of each day. Usually a week before the scheduled start date we bring you a color book and discuss colors. It is best to have some time to think about colors rather than wait to make this decision until the day we begin. When several colors are considered we can put samples on your walls to help you decide.

We always come prepared. All tools, ladders, broom, garbage buckets, plastic to cover furniture, tape, and drop cloths are with us. There is never a need to ask a customer for supplies we do not have. We once worked for someone on a week-long job where the customer took the week off work to be home when the painting was being done. Several days into the job, the customer commented to us that her taking a week off was a waste of vacation time. Her fear of our having to search her home for things we may need was unwarranted.

We need access to the entire room and will move furniture into the best possible configuration giving us the needed space to work. This allows us to do all the covering, fixes, sanding, painting and finally clean-up. If we were unable to access the entire room we would probably not have enough drying time to complete the room in one day. Fortunately, years of experience have given us the know-how to deal with all types of situations. It all comes together at the end of the day and rooms are put back exactly as they were found in the morning. We take pictures in the morning of how the room looked and we are meticulous to put everything back at the end of the day.

The rooms we are working on each day are, for the most part, not accessible as they are covered and everything is moved around. However, if there is a need to get something we are always able to lift up the coverings to get that phone you forgot in your night table drawer or to get something out of the refrigerator.

We specialize in making the painting experience as painless and as unobtrusive as possible. Planning, being organized and prioritizing what needs to be done throughout the day to take advantage of drying time allow us to accomplish this. When we leave your rooms at the end of the day they are clean, set up the way we found them and even the pictures are rehung on your walls.

You are also always left with a jar of paint for touchups. Things happen… a suitcase nicks the wall, a leak causes damage, etc., and we plan for that as well so that a simple fix could be done in the future. We have used these jars of touchup paint even after eight years and were able to patch up damaged areas without having to repaint the entire room.

For a professional and pleasant painting experience, call Walls R Us Painting.

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