What is a wooden deck?

By Netanel Buta from Element

What is a wooden deck?
A wooden deck is a wooden platform attached to the side of a house. Its basic objective is to parallel the height of the house and thus serve as a buffer between the ground and the person walking outdoors. There are various types of wood decks. The difference between them is the type of wood used, its color and density.

Advantages of a deck over a green garden
Another hot Israeli summer has come again. Some people say it is the hottest we have had, while others say it is normal. One thing is for sure though. Our water consumption will be limited both this summer and in future years and lawns will dry out, taking away the pleasure of enjoying our gardens. Even though this is well known in advance, people continue paying a lot of money to keep their grass looking nice for lack of an alternative. But there is in fact an alternative which can provide a beautiful garden that requires minimal upkeep.

Decks – the Israeli summer never looked better
This alternative has actually been around for a long time, and is a perfect solution which is more suitable for the hot climate in Israel. It is of course decking – creating a beautiful wooden walkway laid on the ground of the garden. Originally only the upper class used decks, but over time its use has gradually spread to many houses and gardens. Decking allows the home-owner to reduce the verdant area of the garden and use it for a beautifully crafted solid wood platform which optimally integrates with the rest of the garden’s motifs and creates an interesting and eye-catching contrast. Due to the recurring periods of droughts decks have long become the latest trend, since it is reduces the surface that requires irrigation and intensive care and replaces it with an aesthetic alternative which becomes an integral part of the garden.

Not just decking alone…
Although decking may seem like the sole solution, using decking alone in an entire garden does not take advantage of, and in fact eliminates its inherent beauty. Today, it is customary to use the decking as a shaded sitting area and to combine it with a pergola along with wooden walkways around the garden. This way it is possible to create kinds of islands amongst the greenery, and to maintain its vitality even during our hot summers. Either way, it provides a great area to lounge in with friends and family. Who knows, perhaps the water you are saving by having a deck, you can use for a luxurious pool!

To see videos of before and after decking go to Youtube and type in “אלמנט אומנות בעץ”.



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