Wills and Inheritance in Israel

By Joshua Pex 

 The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh specializes in inheritance law in Israel and abroad. Drafting a testament that will ensure an estate is disposed of exactly according to one’s wishes is particularly difficult for immigrants who have family and assets in more than one country. In this article, Advocate Joshua Pex addresses these issues.  

Our law firm specializes in solving difficulties related to inheritance. We help testators (testament writers) draft and translate their wills – including joint/mutual wills or ironclad testaments when the inheritance is likely to be contested. We help heirs in Israel and abroad to receive a writ of execution if the deceased had a will, or a grant of probate if the will was not found or was considered invalid. We also translate, notarize, authenticate and convey documents relating to inheritance abroad through the Israeli bureaucracy. 

Our range of services includes: 

The drafting of a last will and testament. There are many minor errors the average person may make in formulating a will, which could cast the proper disposition of the estate in doubt. As experts in Israeli inheritance law, the attorneys in our law firm will help ensure that every item and asset will go exactly to the person you intend, in the order you intend it. In particular, we help couples draft joint or mutual wills that will ensure the estates of both spouses are transferred to the heirs according to agreed upon conditions of both spouses. If you have valuable assets in different countries, we can draft separate wills in different languages and based on the inheritance laws of the country in question. 

The translation of testaments into the testator’s mother tongue. From our experience in Israeli inheritance law, the wills of older immigrants (olim) who do not have the best grasp of Hebrew should have their wills professionally translated. Otherwise, unsatisfied potential heirs may contest the will, claiming the departed could not comprehend Hebrew legalese well enough to understand the intended contents. 

Disposition and inheritance of assets in different countries. Our law firm can help clients in Israel apply for the inheritance of the estate of a person who died outside Israel, and (when necessary) contest an improperly written testament that dispossesses legitimate heirs. 

Putting the will into action. We can go through the complex bureaucratic process of obtaining a writ of execution in order to “put the will into action” and inherit the estate, handling correspondence with the Succession Cases Registrar, publishing the submission of a probate application in a major daily newspaper, and finally receiving an order from the Family Court. 

Contact our law offices for any legal needs related to inheritance law. We would be happy to provide you with quick, friendly service at reasonable costs. 


Advocate Joshua Pex has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009. In 2012 he founded the law firm Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh as a partner. His areas of practice are immigration to Israel, inheritance law, and labor law.  

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh Law Offices can be reached at 02-990-3180 or through their website 

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