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Wood Design is “In” in Israel

Enhancing with Wood
Wood is a prime element with which to upgrade the appearance of a home. Whether for country finishes or more modern, clean lines, something in the presence of wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Suiting Wood Type to the Project
Wood can be utilized both inside and outside the house. It facilitates a varied range of applications. The space underneath shingled roofs constitutes a practical, tax-free, addition to the house. Pergolas surrounding the building, and wooden fences and deck areas can transform the garden. Modern internal wall coverings are also available.

Pre-planning is essential for successful implementation
Element Wood Art is a leading brand for everything connected to solving problems with wood, and offers planning solutions for everything concerned with selecting wood types. Every product has its own suitable types of wood. For decking, for example, wood such as Burmese teak is appropriate, where Garapa wood or pine are wrong. It is desirable to build wooden roofs with Douglas-Pierre hemlock or French Goshen wood, fences should be built of Garapa, pine or Ipe and pergolas should be built of Canadian hemlock, known for its density.
Considerations when choosing the wood include strength, durability from the ravages of time, twists, bends or cracks in the wood. Even general appearance is important. For a country atmosphere, choose Goshen wood, characterized by splits and striations, which gives a warm atmosphere. Lovers of straight lines will select a multi-layered wood with a clean finish.
Economical Elements for creating a green environment in addition to the wide range of wood types for decking are also:
1. Fibron – decking based on recycled polymer made in the USA
2. Fibercement – concrete combined with organic fibers

The above decking types look just like wood, though they are not organic materials, which prevents expansion or contraction of the material. The synthetic materials are extremely durable, do not require special maintenance, and can be washed without concern about using water or soap.


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