Wooden Decks A Beautiful Design Solution for Your Home and Yard

Wooden floors, or decks, are a great aesthetic addition to the home or garden. Developments in design now allow for decks to be installed in almost any shape and for many different applications, including around the home, in business spaces, and to match with the surrounding environment. Technological innovations have ensured that wood products are much more resistant to weather conditions and deterioration than was previously the case. It’s ability to withstand decay over the years is greatly improved, and regular maintenance is much cheaper and easier than it once was. Wood is extensively used as a raw material for deck construction; it integrates naturally with the home garden and the natural environment and it provides warmth and beauty, style, is easy to maintain, and gives off a natural and luxurious look. 

Decks can bear a lot of weight, just like the floor in your home. Usually a deck will be raised from the ground and connected to the structure of the house. In this way, it expands the living space and creates a residential environment outside the home that harmoniously combines the interior of the house with nature. The transition between the spaces feels natural, just like moving from room to room inside the house itself. A deck will provide you with a cozy and comfortable seating area and a central space for hosting. Furthermore, a deck will match the design of your house – it suits almost any style! You can install a deck with geometric shapes in all or part of the garden space, and fit it around swimming pools, Jacuzzis, planters, walkways and more. 

Decks excel not just aesthetically, but in other ways, too. In Israel they are especially useful as an alternative to grass, because of water conservation concerns. Grass requires maintenance and irrigation, and decks are the most practical alternative, saving on ongoing costs as well. Wooden decks don’t heat up in the sun like other paving materials (marble tiles, stone, asphalt, etc.), so you can walk around barefoot without risking burns. Decks are also known for their ability to prevent slippage and are the ideal flooring type for courtyards and gardens where there is a pool or Jacuzzi. 

Before choosing the type of deck, it’s important to consider the terrain and surrounding environment, and especially the appearance that is appropriate for your needs. Wooden surfaces can be installed in any shape and anywhere; on hard flooring, soil, or sand. A wide variety of types of decks are available. They can be ordered in different colors, styles, and textures. They also range in the level of quality and durability for different weather conditions (which may require different treatment methods).  

The type of wood selected for the construction of a wooden deck may affect the quality and price of the deck. For example, a softwood deck (e.g. pine) is more susceptible to damage from scratches and drag marks. On the other hand, a hardwood deck (e.g. teak, ipe/Brazilian walnut) is more resistant to such damage. Another thing to bear in mind is that a deck designed in a non-standard way or elevated significantly from the ground will, as a general rule, cost more. Therefore, when considering an unusual deck installation, it’s very important to consult with a professional who is experienced in woodwork, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your deck. Choose the right material and design for your budget and lifestyle, then sit back and enjoy!   

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