The Work Triangle: the secret to comfort in the kitchen!

As you probably understood from our previous articles, when envisioning your new kitchen, one of the important factors in the planning and design is ease of use. What’s the point of having a magnificent kitchen if you must hike large distances between the fridge and the work surface, and from there to the stove (OK, maybe we’re not talking kilometers here; but try this at home and see awkward it is). Take X’s kitchen, for instance, where things look something like this: X is standing at the marble countertop chopping salad, when she realizes she’s missing a red pepper. Back at the kitchen design stage, X made the decision to situate the fridge in the place that seemed most suitable at the time, at the very end of the kitchen. But now the constant back and forth is proving exhausting. “Yanky!” she calls, “Please bring me a red pepper from the fridge …!” Yanky runs off to the refrigerator and brings his mother … a green pepper. “Oh Yanky, I said red pepper!” She sends him back for another try. Yanky comes back again, this time holding … a ripe tomato! At this point, mom despairs, and trudges off to the fridge herself, regretting for the umpteenth time that she didn’t let the designer plan this kitchen. It cost so much, and yet still did not come out right…

Or take Y, for example. Y designed her own kitchen; and for her, the most important thing was to have an exterior “cooking corner” where she could cook and fry without the odors filling the house. However, Y didn’t notice that this arrangement put distance between the stovetop and the countertop, meaning that now every time she wants to fry French fries, she has to first chop the potatoes on the countertop, then put them in a bowl, then walk over to the cooking corner with the bowl in her hands, put the slices into the frying pan, and retrace her steps back to the counter with the bowl! And do this several times until it’s all cooked. (I’m not even going to discuss what happens after the fries are done…)

If she could start over, there’s no doubt that Y would locate the stovetop as close as possible to her work counter and make life easier for herself.

So before you design your new kitchen, allow us to offer you a small but crucial tip:

Pay attention to your “work triangle”!

What does that mean exactly, you ask?

The work triangle is an imaginary line connecting the three most important centers in every kitchen: the refrigerator, the counter, and the stovetop.

Almost every dish we prepare starts with the fridge. After taking out the ingredients, we head for the work surface where we cut, chop, roll, and shape. Then onwards to the stovetop, where we cook and fry.

Here are three rules for an effective work triangle:

1) The length of each the triangle’s sides should be in the range of 1.2-2.7 meters.
2) The total length of the sides should not exceed 8 meters. (Do measure them! Seriously!)
3) Make sure no side is interrupted by some obstacle such as a bench, a door opening into it, and so forth.

Stick to the above rules and you can be sure of many years comfort and enjoyment in your kitchen!


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