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You Don’t Have to Feel Overwhelmed!

As women, we try to do it all. We want to be amazing mothers, great wives, wonderful cooks, good employees, perfect hostesses and have a clean and tidy home. But, there are just too many things to do, too much responsibility and not enough time. Many of us feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and stressed – we feel that we are failing. Does this sound familiar?
Life can be stressful but there are ways to enjoy life more and stay calm. People always say that they are so busy dealing with what’s urgent that they do not have time to deal with what’s important. The reality is that you don’t have time NOT to deal with these things. If you gave yourself just one hour a week to deal with what is weighing you down and holding you back — the chaos and disorder — you would have much more energy, less stress and anxiety and you could find life much lighter and happier.

Rachel * had three young children and had recently started working part-time as a receptionist at a busy office. Her husband worked long hours and sometimes had to travel abroad. Rachel had always prided herself on having lots of guests for Shabbat and having an immaculate home, as her mother had done but this was becoming increasingly more difficult. Her six-year old was having a hard time adjusting to being in first grade and was falling behind in the homework. Her four-year old kept wetting his bed and her one-year old was waking up a few times a night. Rachel felt like she was slowly unraveling. She was screaming at her kids, the house was a disaster and she was exhausted. Mornings came far too early. Sometimes she just wanted to curl up in her bed under the covers and not come out! Somehow though, she found the strength, pulled herself out of bed and gave me a call.

The first few sessions with her were difficult. Rachel was teary-eyed, felt overwhelmed and couldn’t see how things were ever going to get any better. Rather than focus on what wasn’t working in her life, we first spent time examining what was working in her life. We used that as base to build on her success. We focused on her daily routine and the issues revolving around her kids. We also examined how we measure successful mothers. Rachel needed to readjust and question whether having guests every Shabbat was a good marker. We also practiced a number of proven techniques in dealing with stress.

Rachel worked hard and began to find the way to emerge from the fog. She began to acknowledge her strengths. She started feeling her life was becoming more manageable. She also began to recognize the early symptoms of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Those moments still came but the relaxation exercises kept Rachel in control of them. She knew the feeling would soon pass and she could feel calm. Over time, these moments became fewer and fewer.

Life can sometimes overwhelm us and it can be hard to see see how we can ever feel calm again. In just a few short months I can help you turn your life around. You can acquire tools to deal with stress, gain practical help with parenting and routines and learn how to feel better about yourself and feel happier. You don’t need to suffer. Let me help you! Call me, Helen Abelesz, Life Coach, for a free first consultation at: 054-482-9815 or at: helenabelesz@gmail.com. Visit my Facebook page: Life-Coaching-for-Women

*not her real name and all identifying features have been changed.

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