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Secret #1 of Successful Landlords

It’s better to have an average property with an excellent property manager than an excellent property with an average property manager

Why would a landlord hire a property manager? Why do you hire a painter? Surely you can paint a room yourself. Why do you go out to eat? You can probably make a perfectly delicious meal at home for less.

A painter has access to supplies at a discounted rate and, since he paints every day it is reasonable to think he will do the job better, more efficiently and stand behind his work. Often we eat out either because it saves time, or it enhances our dining experience and allows us to focus on people who matter to us. Painters and restaurants help allocate our resources to give us the best overall experience.

For many successful owners of one or more properties, a management company does just that. Finding the right one takes some research. Just as there are sloppy painters and disappointing restaurants, property managers are not created equal.

Questions To Ask When Interviewing Potential Managers
What are the basic fees and what can I expect that to cover?
Are there other expected charges beyond the monthly fee such as tenant placement fee, lease extensions, after-hours charges?
What qualifications do you look for in tenants?
How do you typically handle maintenance calls?
Are there any times you won’t ask for my approval for repairs?
What are typical maintenance charges in terms of labor?
What kind of statements will I receive each month?
How accessible are you on email and/or phone?
How many properties do you currently manage?
Do you have references?
How long have you been in business?
What kind of property management do you have the most experience with – short or long term rentals, new construction, established areas?
What other services do you offer?

Once you make a decision, keep on a friendly and professional basis with your manager. If a manager does anything that seems out of the ordinary or too expensive, understand that you have every right get the answers you need. When you do find an excellent manager to partner with, they will unburden you of ongoing tasks and give you confidence that your investments can produce and grow.

If you’re convinced that hiring a property manager is the way to go, start by interviewing several. THEN call David Chernin and compare.

David has been servicing clients for 30 years. After making aliya, he decided to help Anglos invest in Israel and has been caring for their properties in greater Jerusalem for six years.

With a great team behind him, Trusted Property Management is at your service. We are your back office, maintenance staff, on-call partner and professional face. We specialize in thinking out of the box and accommodating to our clients. Our owners’ unique requirements become our priorities.

Shlomo, our General Manager is a natural organizer and a pro at navigating through administrative matters: utilities, arnona and vaad bayit issues, plus anything that the Israeli bureaucracy throws your way—Shlomo can handle it.

Avigail, our Financial Manager, sends out monthly statements with income, expenses and task summary for each property.  No guesswork about what is happening with your investment.

 Shoshana, our Rental Manager, handles short term rentals. Her care and attention to the needs of the apartment and the renter results in many repeat visitors.

Maintenance and Improvement Team: Plumbing, electrical, painting, gardening, cleaning…whatever your apartment needs, TPM provides solutions with experience and service that you remember from the “old days.” By joining with TPM you immediately get “group rates” and quick attention to any service needs. Our team of service providers wants to give us top-notch work, knowing they stay on the team as long as they give our clients the best service and the best pricing.

David Chernin as founder of Trusted Property Management makes every detail of property management his concern so you can rest easier.

 Call David 052-690-6629 to discuss your particular needs and how our team can provide for you.


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